This package contains the sources for the PhysBeans example applets. They have been created graphically with the forms editor of the NetBeans IDE, but can be used without the included form files. To compile them, you need the Java development kit of version 1.5 or higher (or a corresponding Java IDE like NetBeans) and the ant tool. The necessary PhysBeans jar file is included. Unpack everything (with a packaging program or with "unzip") and create the jar archives for all applets with "ant". Now the applet in the demo directory should work in a browser that has the necessary Java plugin.

The build file contains the following targets (called by "ant TARGET"):

target description
class compiles all java files
jar creates jar files for all applets
clean deletes class files
purge deletes all created files

For more information on how to use the applets in your own pages or how to create your own applets with PhysBeans, have a look at the PhysBeans homepage and download the documentation package.