Using PhysBeans Applets

This note describes how to write html pages that contain applets created with the PhysBeans toolkit. Unfortunately there is currently no standard conforming way that works with most browsers. The method proposed here combines two tags that are used widely to create a page that should work (almost) everywhere. It is a variation of the method used by Sun. For more information confer to Sun's plug-in documentation.

A HTML page containing a PhysBeans applet needs the following information:

In the example applet the jar files are collected in a directory archives, which is a subdirectory of the current directory (containing the HTML file itself). Two archives are needed: one with the PhysBeans library, the other one for the applet specific classes. The start class is MathPendulum, which has been defined inside a Java package physapps.nonlinear.

The variables therefore have the following values:

Now download the template file (source code, download), open it with any text editor and substitute the proper values for the five variables - each one appearing twice! The result should look like the complete applet file (source code, running demo) and work with most browsers and operating systems.