WATER95 Homepage

A Matlab Implementation of the IAPWS95 standard

WATER95 is a library of MATLAB routines which support computations with water and steam for educational use. It implements the IAPWS95 formulation.

The latest version (June 2009) contains functions for the second order derivatives (heat capacities cp and cV, sound velocity w). Many thanks to Guillaume Poulin, who has provided all necessary raw functions! Furthermore the functions have been tested against all values in the tables of the basic Wagner/Pruß paper.

Still missing is the behaviour below the temperature of the triple point: Several functions have cutoffs below Tt!

Further information:

WATER95 is an open source project distributed under the GPL license. This means that you can copy, modify and redistribute the library, but you have to respect the copyright of the author. The software is provided without any warranty of any kind.

If you have problems with the package or want to contribute, feel free to contact me.