PhysBeans Applets via WebStart

The following applets have been created with the PhysBeans library. They need the Java Runtime environment, release 8 or higher. To use them on your own pages you need the base archive physbeans.jar and an applet specific archive. The following pages serve as examples how to run the applets from your own HTML pages. The applets can be resized, their user interface adapts automatically - within certain limits of course. For example pages with additional explanations and instructions how to use the applets as "virtual experiments" cf. cliXX PhysBeans, Taschenbuch der Physik and some additional examples.

All necessary jar archives can be downloaded and used freely. Please send me a mail if you use them in your courses or projects, so that I can include you in the list of PhysBeans users.

To make this work, you may have to change the Java security configuration. In case of trouble start the Java Control Panel, open the Web Settings Tab and add the PhysBeans base URL to the Exception Site List. In any case you will have to go through some intimidating warning tabs and confirm that you are willing to throw security over board. Don't be afraid, the PhysBeans applets do no harm. In any case you can restrict the execution to a sandbox, which is reasonably safe and works with PhysBeans.

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