LATEX comes with many packages, which define additional functions for different applications. To use a package, one includes the following command in the preambel:


The package graphicx allows to include postscript images into a document. It works together with the driver programs that create the document from the dvi file. If one uses the widespread dvips driver, the package is included with


The command


includes the image IMAGE.PS at the given position. It uses the internal size of the image. One can scale the image size with:


To scale an image with respect to the size of the text lines, one can use the LATEX variable \textwidth:


A simple way to produce a postscript file from any Windows program is to print an image into a file, using an appropriate printer driver. Unfortunately almost all printer drivers insert additional information that can only be understood by the proper printer, leading to scrambled postscript files. An exception is the Adobe Postscript Driver, which produces correct postscript files.

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Peter Junglas 15.5.2000