Converting to HTML

The program LATEX2HTML reads a LATEX document and translates it into a set of linked HTML pages. It splits the pages according to the subunit structure. This can be controlled in detail by command line options. Any features that can not be represented in HTML (e.g. formulas) are translated to small GIF images that are included in the HTML.

LATEX2HTML is started simply with

latex2html MYDOC.TEX

It creates a directory MYDOC, where it puts the HTML pages and all the images.

Included with the program is the LATEX package html, which defines several new commands to refine the translation.

Inserting the command


just puts TEXT into the document. In the HTML version TEXT becomes a link to the given URL.

Using the LATEX input file latex-demo LATEX generates a document looking like


Running LATEX2HTML with standard options leads to the HTML version.

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Peter Junglas 15.5.2000