Running LATEX

Steps for the Creation of a document :

  1. Write a text file (using a simple editor) with a file extension tex, e.g. simple.tex, which contains the text and additional formatting commands.

  2. Translate the text with the command

    latex simple.tex

    This creates (among others) a file simple.dvi, which contains the layouted document in the LATEX-specific dvi (``device independent'') format.

  3. Display the document with

    xdvi simple.dvi

    or another dvi viewer program and go back to 1 to apply corrections, if necessary.

  4. Generate a postscript file with

    dvips simple

    which can be printed with a Postscript printer or displayed on the screen with ghostview.

Coming from a WYSIWYG system (``What You See Is What You Get'') like Word, this procedure appears to be rather complicated. The advantage is that the system can analyze the whole document to create an almost perfect layout.

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Peter Junglas 15.5.2000