First Steps with Windows and UNIX

The following exercises can (and should) be done on NT and UNIX machines.

  1. Log into the system, look at all windows on the screen and try to find out their purpose.

    Only on UNIX: log into your neighbour's machine (from your screen!)

    Log out again (on all machines!).

  2. Find and start the following applications:
    simple editor,

    and try to find out how to use them.

  3. Open up 4 (arbitrary) windows and arrange them on the screen in a rectangular 2x2 pattern.
    Rearrange them to a rectangular 1x4 pattern.
    Maximize all 4 windows, so that they hide each other.
    Switch between the windows without ending the applications.

  4. Use the file manager/explorer to:
    create a directory mydir in your home directory
    copy some files and directories from the system area into mydir
    rename some of the files, creating a.dat, b.dat, c.dat
    using these files create the following structure:


  5. Open a shell resp. DOS window.
    Change to the top level directory (C:\ resp. /) and create a list of its content and of the first level of subdirectories.
    List all files with the extension ini in C:\Winnt resp. all starting with lib, ending with .sl in /lib
    Find the file win.ini resp. passwd. Look at its content, scrolling through the pages. Can you guess its purpose and structure?

  6. Write a script that takes 2 arguments PATH1 and PATH2 and copies the directory PATH1 and all its subdirectories to PATH2.

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Peter Junglas 8.3.2000