Using the Internet

  1. Look up the homepage of the computing center ( and browse through some of its pages, according to your interests. (Sorry: they are in German.) Try to answer the following questions:
    What courses are offered by the computing center in this semester?
    What can you do, if you have forgotten your password?
    How can you publish your own homepage?

  2. What kind of media formats are supported by your browser? Find documents containing such media and look at them. (Many examples at
    Install a plugin for a media type that your browser doesn't support yet (e.g. quicktime).

  3. Configure the Netscape browser for email. Send a little note to your neighbour, with a copy to another one. Reply to a mail you received and forward it to me (

  4. Configure netscape for news. Subscribe to some newsgroups that interest you, and read some of its articles. (Example:

  5. Use ftp to get the emacs manual from and have a quick look at it.

  6. Find information about the African Clawed Frog.

  7. Create a simple personal homepage. Load it into your browser to control the result.

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Peter Junglas 8.3.2000